Welcome To Plathville: Ways Micah Has Changed Since Moving To LA


Welcome to Plathville’s Micah Plath went from rural Georgia to Los Angeles, and fans have noticed how much moving cities has changed him.

Fans have gotten to know a lot about Micah Plath over four seasons of Welcome to Plathville and have noticed a change in him since making the cross-country move from Georgia to California. He experienced culture shock from growing up on a large farm to now living in the huge city of Los Angeles. While many fans think that his younger sister, Moriah Plath, has had the most growth over the past few years, Micah has also shown a lot of growth this season.

Welcome to Plathville follows Kim and Barry Plath as they navigate raising nine children without giving them much access to the outside world. When the older kids were growing up, they were not allowed to have any sugar, listen to secular music, or watch TV. They were also forced to wear clothes that covered most of their body regardless of the weather. However, over the course of the show, Kim and Barry have loosened the rules for their kids after Moriah and Micah pleaded with them to make a change.

Micah was the golden boy in the Plath family and spent most of his free time working on the 50 acre farm in the beginning of Welcome to Plathville. Eventually, he decided to pursue a modeling career, leading Plathville fans to call him the rebel child. His parents were initially against the profession, but eventually supported him on his first professional gig. In season 3, Micah was signed to an agency in Florida and went on several shoots, even risqué ones.

At the end of Welcome to Plathville season 3, Micah decided to make the move out to Los Angeles to continue his modeling career and start an acting career. Though Micah has always been reserved yet easygoing on the show, he seems much more confident after his LA move. He has found a strong group of friends who have gotten him to try all new things like Indian food. Micah also seems to be growing more mature, as he came back to visit his family and ended up helping Moriah through her tough breakup.

Micah did not know how to talk to women in earlier seasons of Plathville, since he spent most of his childhood around only his sisters. However, through modeling and his move, Micah is now quite the ladies man. He has been enjoying the single life and going on a lot of dating apps. Micah has also done some racy modeling shoots like laying on a hotel bed while shirtless with a female model. Welcome to Plathville fans are happy to see Micah thriving on his own for the first time and cannot wait to see what he does next.


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