The Young Sheldon season 5 finale features a fun The Big Bang Theory Easter egg, but it doesn't really make any sense.

Despite becoming fairly dramatic since Georgie's (Montana Jordan) pregnancy news, CBS staged a more lighthearted year-capper for its premier comedy.

For several weeks, The Big Bang Theory prequel focused on Georgie and Mandy's (Emily Osment) situation, effectively sidelining the show's titular character.

Thankfully, Missy (Raegan Revord) was there to ease his concerns, giving him a new perspective on embracing the idea of growing up.

To celebrate that, Sheldon decided to put on his first Flash shirt — a clear nod to his look on The Big Bang Theory.

As Young Sheldon transitions into a family drama, expect that the show will have a more diversified storytelling moving forward.

This means that the rest of the Cooper family will have their fair share of the spotlight. Nonetheless,

it remains interesting to see how The Big Bang Theory prequel will develop Sheldon's narrative as he inches near Jim Parsons' adult version of the character.