After a long build-up, Young Sheldon season 5 finale ultimately ended up being a disappointment, highlighting the show's biggest issue.

Instead of paying off any active plotlines, Young Sheldon season 5 decides to totally go a different

creative route which reveals one important storytelling issue that it needs to overcome moving forward.

Georgie (Montana Jordan) getting Mandy (Emily Osment) accidentally pregnant resulted in a string of problems for the Coopers.

In Young Sheldon season 5, Mary (Zoe Perry) and George (Lance Barber) were forced to re-examine their marriage.

Missy got in trouble for punching a kid who was gossiping about her family, while Sheldon struggled to focus on his academics due to what was happening at home.

This was when it became clear that Young Sheldon was starting to veer away from being a straight-up sitcom to transition into a family drama instead.

Albeit not exactly the same, and in an oddly inverted way, The Big Bang Theory had a similar problem. The geek-centric sitcom started as an ensemble project