One of Young Sheldon's oldest The Big Bang Theory plot holes has just been resolved by Young Sheldon season 5's penultimate episode.

The CBS sitcom has been focused on Georgie's (Montana Jordan) predicament as a young expecting father with his situation impacting his family in various ways.

Since The Big Bang Theory ended in 2019 after 12 seasons, Young Sheldon has been standing on its own as a CBS comedy.

Instead of a straight-up sitcom like its parent series, however, it has slowly transformed into a family dramedy, with Young Sheldon's focus shifting onto the Coopers as a whole.

Still, Sheldon remains an integral part of its storytelling as his future already fully played out in The Big Bang Theory for more than a decade.

As for Sheldon, the deteriorating marriage of his parents may also force his transition to the colder version seen in The Big Bang Theory.

Whether or not Young Sheldon will run beyond season 7 and close the gap between it and its parent series is still unknown at this point.

But, like Paige (McKenna Grace), the breakdown of his family could ultimately cause a change in his behavior from a relatively sweet boy to a rude and indifferent adult.