Thursday’s Young Sheldon, the boy genius’ mother turned to the mustachioed holy man for solace not once, but twice.

George Sr. had advised his wife not to fear what her congregation might think of Georgie having a child out of wedlock.  

But with tension between the marrieds at an all-time high as you’ll recall, last week’s family dinner culminated in a frank discussion about the Coopers’ turbulent union  

Mary wasn’t exactly receptive. She later confided in Rob, who doled out the exact same advice her husband had. Only his advice came with a filtered cigarette.

Later, when George discovered that his wife had consulted Rob, he wasn’t the least bit surprised. “Of course,” he scoffed, before pointing out that Mary talks to Rob an awful lot these days. 

. And once he realized that Rob’s advice was the same as his own, Sr. got snippy. “Next time I’ll stick God in there so you pay attention,” he said 

Not long after that did Mary’s worst nightmare come true. Word had spread about Mandy’s pregnancy ahead of her weekly Bible study. No one showed, and the first thing she thought to do was call Rob.

By the close of Thursday’s episode, the entire Cooper clan was in the loop about Georgie and Mandy’s predicament.