Hollywood A-Listers Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford were recently confirmed to lead the next chapter in the Yellowstone saga

in an announcement which shocked and excited fans of the Western phenomenon. As the Star Wars and Indiana Jones star gears up to play another iconic role,

Beth Dutton star Kelly has sung the praises of the first actress she starred with years before signing on to the Paramount Network smash hit.

British actress Kelly has recalled working alongside Helen in Prime Suspect when she was first starting out as a teenage star.

In one of her first-ever credited roles, she appeared as Polly Henry in two episodes of the crime drama, Inner Circles and The Scent of Darkness.

“Helen Mirren is someone who I did my very, very first TV job with called Prime Suspect when I was 16 years old,” she said.

“She was incredible, she was fierce and brilliant and everything I wanted to be as an actor. You know, full of courage and heart.”

After Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Sam Elliott joined the Yellowstone throng for 1883, the universe will now expand even further with two more screen greats picking up the story half a century later.