It’d be a crime to start with anyone other than the patriarch of the Dutton clan, whom the story has as the owner of the largest ranch in the USA.

Marred by his time as a US soldier in Pakistan, Kayce is the youngest of the Dutton siblings and is considered somewhat of a “chosen one” since his father has been grooming him to inherit the ranch.

He’s not quite like the other Duttons, and whether that’s a result of nature, nurture or a lack thereof is still up for debate.  

A trouble maker from the onset, Roarke is a hedge fund manager whose aim is to make some money at all costs. 

He may not legally bear the Dutton name, but it is evident that John, and the rest of the family, consider him as kin. 

Apparently, John has a habit of giving people a second chance at life, and in that spirit, he brought Jimmy Hurdstrom into the fold.  

More than just Kayce’s wife or Tate’s mom, Monica has earned her place as a character in her own right. It is no secret that her loyalties to Broken Rock and her relationship with the Duttons 

Though John Dutton has more than his fair share of enemies, his most consistent rival is Chief Thomas Rainwater.