The April 16th Wordle word is quite common, but sometimes the easy ones can cause some players quite a bit of trouble.  

A good starting Wordle word can help solve the daily puzzle quickly and provide players with an easy win for the day.  

Using a good mix of vowels and common consonants will provide the groundwork for solving the day's word.  

For our attempt, we got extremely lucky and ended up getting the correct word in two guesses, but for most, it won't be that easy. 

Wordle is a simple once-a-day word guessing game that gained popularity at the beginning of 2022 with its simple gameplay and excellent social media sharing ability.  

So many people jumped in on Wordle that it was bought out from the original designer by The New York Times for quite a large sum of money.  

For those players who just need a few hints and not the direct answer to today's Wordle, we've provided these four clues to help out.

Our second guess was a random word, only used to try to place the 'E' in its correct slot. We guessed CHEEK and somehow got it correct in two.