Warner Bros. has recently been acquired by Discovery and renamed Warner Brothers Discovery. With new owners at the helm, fans are expecting to see some big changes for Warner Bros.  

Discovery has made it clear that they're disappointed with how many DC characters have been handled and that they're looking to make more movies like Joker.  

Some fans are wondering if that also means Warner Brothers Discovery will end the aging Arrowverse and build something new in its place. 

The Arrowverse started back in in 2012 when Arrow premiered on The CW. Since then, the interconnected TV universe has rapidly grown, continually adding new shows and heroes 

At one point the Arrowverse spanned at least six shows and included countless heroes. After the shows adapted Crisis on Infinite Earths and Arrow came to an end 

The Arrowverse has been slowly eroding for a couple of years. Supergirl ended, The Flash is rumored to be getting a shortened final season, and Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow have yet to be renewed.  

While there is still a big fan base for the shows, it's becoming harder and harder to continue with their storytelling formula.  

The shows are older, they're not cheap to make, and they're not keeping up with what's happening elsewhere in TV and film.