Will Smith, as we all know, was a wonderful man who appeared in numerous films and was well-known for his work in Hollywood. 

The Pursuit of Happiness is one of the most well-known and successful pictures that he first encountered in Hollywood films. 

He became well-known in the market as a result of this film, and he was sponsored by a number of major corporations.  

In the eyes of the public and his own family, he began to establish a reputation and respect. He’s such a nice man.  

His kid, Jaden Smith, was just discovered dead, according to reports on the internet. On the internet, these kinds of rumours are proliferating. 

The internet has now evolved into a new world. You may establish a new personality or ruin an older one in this society 

Jaden Smith is a rapper who was the subject of a death hoax, following which his admirers rushed to social media to show their grief.

Then he took to Twitter, where he wrote, “He is still alive.” His supporters then flocked to Twitter to apologise to him for paying honour to him by believing in his death rumours.