The Boys season 3 introduces Billy Butcher's Compound-V induced abilities, opening the potential for other Boys members to follow suit and gain powers as they have in the comics.

The Boys premiered in 2019 to commercial and critical acclaim, and it quickly became one of Amazon Prime's best original shows.

The comic book adaptation follows William "Billy" Butcher and his team, the Boys, on their mission to expose the wrong-doings of Supes, or superheroes.

Every Supe in The Boys is created with Compound-V, a highly rare chemical concoction developed by Jonah Vogelbaum.

He stole it and fled to the U.S., where it fell into the hands of Vought, a massive money-making corporation that used it to develop superheroes and turn them into celebrities.

Being exposed to Compound-V as an infant, like Homelander, yields the best results in terms of the abilities bestowed.

One of The Boys' biggest draws is how badly the odds are stacked against the titular group, being mostly unpowered themselves.

She was mentioned intermittently throughout the rest of the show’s eight-season run, though her fate in the afterlife was never officially confirmed.