Imlie: Will Aroita (Rajsrjri Rani) accept Sunder (Gaurav Mukesh) after knowing this servant reality?

Aryan and Imlie's date gets sabotaged by Neela's drama and chaos.

While here yet another blunder unfolds as Sunder is accused of theft by Neela.

Imlie manages to prove his innocence but his truth of being a servant comes out infront of Arpita.

Sunder breaks down as his truth is out and now circumstances are changing and here he acknowledge that they have a huge gap.

Sunder apologize to Arpita and here she is also feeling sad, while Aryan and Imlie takes charge to unirte their love.

Will Arpita be able to accept Sunder after knowing his truth of being a servant.

What more drama and twist is this going to unfold next and will Arpita and Sunder's love finds its way.