In Supernatural season 7, episode 10, “Death’s Door” Bobby Singer had one of the most tragic deaths in the entirety of the show.

Bobby Singer had survived encounters with ghosts, vampires, demons, and even multiple vessels of Lucifer himself. So why did the writers of Supernatural kill Bobby off in season 7?

Bobby Singer was first introduced to the world of supernatural entities when a demon possessed his wife, and in response, Bobby accidentally killed her.

Bobby wasn't originally a main character of Supernatural, but he became one of the most useful recurring characters on the show.

In Supernatural season 7, episode 10, “Death’s Door,” Bobby Singer was shot as Sam and Dean fleed from the Leviathans.

The Supernatural writers killed Bobby in the episode "Death’s Door" to shift the show's direction in a way that would most dramatically impact the characters and the audience.

While Bobby Singer would appear several more times in the show after "Death's Door", he was always a ghost or an alternate Supernatural multiverse version of himself.

The episode perfectly encapsulated why Bobby Singer was so beloved and important to Sam and Dean on Supernatural.