It’s been almost three years since fans have had a new season of Stranger Things, but why has season 4 taken so long to happen? Previous seasons of Stranger Things have

in the past, taken quite some time to produce. Even season 3 took two years to release after the premiere of season 2.

But, what’s different about Stranger Things season 4 that’s made this gap between seasons the series’ longest yet?

Based on Levy’s interview, the biggest sources of the delay between Stranger Things seasons 3 and 4 seems to be a combination of newfound COVID protocols on set slowing the overall process down

the fact that Shawn Levy, Matt, and Ross Duffer, are still the sole producing/directing team behind the acclaimed series, meaning their resources are being spread increasingly thin.

Further on in his interview, Levy makes reference to the fact that he and the Duffer brothers still oversee almost every aspect of production.

Additionally, as Levy alluded to in his interview, because he and the Duffer brothers still closely oversee every element of production on Stranger Things

Because Stranger Things season 4 is more ambitious than ever, and the production is still heavily auteur-focused, it’s no wonder that the season has been delayed as long as it has.