There might be more eccentric characters than any other time in recent memory, yet further developing LGBTQ+ portrayal stays similarly as significant in media.

Notwithstanding thrilling achievements like the primary lead LGBTQ+ Disney character in The Owl House and the main on-screen trans legend in Supergirl, strange characters remain relatively uncommon.

It's as yet a sadly unprecedented event at whatever point strangeness is truly displayed in motion pictures or TV.

Early portrayals of LGBTQ+ characters were never straightforwardly eccentric, however basically strange coded for comedic or undermining purposes.

Numerous Disney reprobates fall under this class, frequently showing attributes considered characteristically strange to all the more likely paint them as unique in relation to the legends.

When transparently LGBTQ+ characters were at last ready to recount their own accounts, they stayed rare, however were typically shocking, as with Brokeback Mountain.

LGBTQ+ characters have as of late started praising their own cheerful endings in media, even as the greater part stayed single, minor side characters, or killed off unreasonably soon.

Be that as it may, the consideration of these characters and stories is urgent in movies and TV: here's the reason LGBTQ+ portrayal in media is so significant.