ABC's popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy has gained a reputation for regularly shaking up its cast. Some actors have moved on from the series,

Others have been written out of the show when those behind the scenes have decided it's time to move on from their characters.

Fans were stunned to see his character Dr. Preston Burke disappear from the series as it continued to grow in popularity. However, his departure was far from simple.

Dr. Preston Burke was introduced in Grey's Anatomy's pilot as the chief cardiothoracic surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital. Burke began a relationship with intern Cristina Yang

but their difference in rank was largely scandalous, so the pair broke it off. When Cristina suffered a miscarriage, she and Burke got back together.

Despite the dispute, Dempsey and Washington revealed in the tell-all book that the pair had since moved on from the incident.

Since the actor returned in Season 10 to help send off Oh, any bad blood between the actor and the cast/crew of Grey's Anatomy had probably been resolved in the intervening years.

Washington was later a series regular on The CW's The 100 (which recently drew comparisons to Killing Eve) for five seasons, and recurred on the Starz shows Survivor's Remorse and P-Valley.