Donnie Yen is renowned for playing the eponymous Wing Chun kung fu ace in the Ip Man films, yet he initially didn't have any desire to make Ip Man 3.

The Ip Man film establishment started off with the 2008 unique Ip Man, and the series all in all has been one of the most momentous hand to hand fighting film establishments made.

Truth be told, starting two films were such examples of overcoming adversity Yen initially didn't see a potential gain in continuing any further with them.

In a 2009 meeting, Yen said that he was probably not going to return as Ip Man in ongoing films, expressing,

"On the grounds that Ip Man 2 will undeniably turn into a work of art, bettering the first. I trust it's ideal to end something when it's at flawlessness, and abandon a decent memory."

Yen left some space for error for an expected return, likewise saying, "Maybe, following a couple of years, when the chief finds another point, we could discuss it later."

Ip Man 3 eventually wouldn't mean certain death for the series, with the side project Master Z: Ip Man Legacy dedicated to Max Zhang's personality Cheung Tin-chi delivered in late 2018.

With the Ip Man series at last finished up, Yen's presentation is heartily recalled all over the planet as an extraordinary depiction of a shrewd kung fu ace whose abilities were totally incredible.