Scours maker Bill Lawrence has examined the reason why he believes that should do a continuation of the long-running parody.

Scours initially ran until season 9, broadcasting from 2001 to 2010. Since it left screens, Lawrence has kept on building his amazing TV credits.

The maker is at present dealing with season 3 of the Emmy-winning Ted Lasso, and will next zero in on Shrinking featuring Jason Segel, both for Apple TV+.

Their accounts were told according to the perspective of J.D. (Zack Braff), whose wild creative mind provided the series with its exceptional and dreamlike comical inclination.

In any case, Scrubs was additionally notable for its sensational components, which gave close to home load to an in any case comedic show.

Scours got basic praise during its initial eight seasons prior to being generally retooled for season 9, changing the two its center cast and essayists.

The Scrubs season 8 finale flawlessly tied up the show's many strings, however the basically panned season 9 sadly impacted its heritage.

Lawrence needed to change the title of season 9 to Scrubs Med and make it a side project suggesting that the maker was likewise careful about totally re-tooling such a dearest and notorious sitcom.