The trailer for Predator 5, authoritatively named Prey, has quite recently been delivered, and it includes an all-new entertainer playing the nominal Predator.

The outsider tracker is the series' accepted fundamental person, going about as one of the main reliable existences all through the establishment.

Along these lines, it is no joking matter when the Predator's entertainer changes - and Prey's entertainer is a rookie to the film series.

The Predator establishment traverses five primary motion pictures, alongside different side project films, computer games, and that's just the beginning.

The first Predator follows a gathering of troopers who, while caught in the wildernesses of Central America, should ward off a hazardous outsider whose main objective is to kill people.

The first Predator was unquestionably effective, generating different movies that frequently follow a very much like reason: a gathering of warriors trapped in the wild should battle off the Predator.

Like its ancestors, Prey will follow a clan of native champions in the Great Plains who should fend off the Predator, adding a more verifiable contort to the establishment's standard story.

In spite of the fact that he will be most popular for playing the Predator in Prey to date, Dane DiLiegro has previously partaken in a complex vocation.