Ozark season 4, episode 8 “The Cousin of Death” includes a cameo appearance by a real-life rapper, who appears in the show alongside Ruth.  

Since Ozark season 1, it's been firmly established that Ruth Langmore is an old-school hip-hop head, a loyal, dyed-in-the-wool follower of the art of '90s boom-bap and rap.  

When Ruth makes her way to Chicago during the first episode of Ozark season 4 part 2, which was released on Netflix in April 2022, Ruth meets not just any rapper 

Inside a diner, Ruth awkwardly approaches the rapper and tells him that she's a fan and the rapper thanks Ruth.  

Ozark season 4 part 2's rapper is named Killer Mike, one half of the rap duo Run The Jewels, and a prominent social activist. 

Also known as Michael Santiago Render, Killer Mike addresses social issues like police brutality, systemic racism, and social inequality through his music and by marching in the streets.  

Killer Mike's short scene is definitely more low-key compared to most other celebrity cameos in movies and TV series, but it's definitely on-brand for Ozark, as Killer Mike's Ozark  

Still distraught by Wyatt's death, Ruth hallucinates killing Javi and even Wendy and Marty Byrde throughout Ozark season 4, episode 8 “The Cousin of Death,”