The rumor mill claims that Kevin Samuels was in a relationship with Instagram influencer @sixthegoddis.

Rumors of a relationship emerged after Kevin posted an Instagram photo of himself alongside the Instagram model.  

Some fans didn’t take too kindly to reports that Kevin was dating @sixthegoddis. They accused the life coach of breaking up @sixthegoddis’ marriage. 

It is unclear whether Kevin actually dated @sixthegoddis. Several reports claim that the rumor is false.  

YouTuber Oshay Duke Jackson disparaged the rumors, stating that the photo posted by Kevin meant little. He said: 

“Just because he is out on a date with a woman and taking a photo with a woman she is a big influencer,  

he is a big influencer doesn’t mean that that’s his woman. Alright?, It doesn’t mean that. Alright?”

Kevin Samuels was linked with IG model Brittany Renner in November 2021. He sparked the rumors by posting a video of Renner on his Instagram page.