The amount of screen time a cast member (or featured player) receives on SNL is not always indicative of future success, but then again, sometimes it is.

In season 43, for instance, the cast member with the fewest appearances was Luke Null. Luke Null did not return in season 44.

A lot of former SNL cast members only lasted one season and went on to great success (Michaela Watkins, Jenny Slate, Tim Robinson).

It’s not always the case that cast members with the least amount of screen time are not asked back. In season 44, freshman cast member Ego Nwodim received the least amount of screen time.

Fineman is a talented impressionist, however, and while she doesn’t appear that often, her appearances are typically memorable, and she may also benefit from the SNL exodus this year.

There is also one cast member who has hovered near the bottom in terms of screentime since her debut in 2016’s 42nd season of SNL: Melissa Villaseñor.

Villaseñor must hold some sort of record for the least amount of screentime over a 5-season period. She was near the bottom in her debut year, 3rd to the bottom in season 43,

third to the bottom in season 44, second to the bottom in season 45, third to the bottom in season 46 and third to the bottom in the most recent season.