Reboots aren't always guaranteed to be as popular as the original show, but the CBS crime procedural Magnum P.I. has had a healthy run.

So far, the titular ex-Navy SEAL and current private investigator Thomas Magnum has solved multiple complex crimes in Hawaii and managed to look cool while doing it.

One of the reasons Magnum does his job so well is because he is surrounded by very capable friends and associates. The simplicity of the characters makes them all easy to relate to.

But which one is more similar to you? By using the 12 zodiac signs, it's easier to draw parallels between ourselves and these fictional characters.

The P.I. is very passionate about his work. He always fancies himself to go head-on with the best Magnum P.I villains, even when they have way more resources and power than him.

However, Magnum leaps before looking, way too many times, making audiences fear for him, Additionally, his insecurity normally emerges whenever Higgins gets a boyfriend

As the Robin Masters cultural center's curator. Kumu sure does love the arts. She is very fond of Hawaiian cultural practices too,

such that she is willing to participate in a demonstration when a party threatens to put an end to such practices. However, Kumu rarely joins the rest of the team in solving life-or-death problems.