Before seeing Top Gun: Maverick, there's a lot to be remembered about the original Top Gun. The long-awaited sequel to the Tom Cruise 80's classic is set for a domestic May 27th, 2022 release date

allowing audiences new and old to once again follow the journey of Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Tom Cruise).

With Top Gun: Maverick hitting cinemas imminently, here's a recap of everything there is to know about 1986's Top Gun.

Top Gun follows Maverick and a team of elite fighter pilots as they make their way through the real-life TOPGUN Naval Fighter Weapons School.

Although the tragic death of Maverick's best friend does shake the pilot, he eventually regains his confidence and helps bring the class of the TOPGUN program closer together.

Now, in Top Gun: Maverick, Iceman is the one who requests that Maverick comes back to teach a new TOPGUN class.

The sequel is set to carry on the story of Maverick, Iceman, and Goose, showing how their actions are still influencing a new generation of pilots years later.

With Goose's son making an appearance and theories that Hangman is Iceman's son, Top Gun: Maverick will continue developing the themes and stories set up in the original Top Gun.