Obi-Wan Kenobi focuses a lot on the Inquisitors, mainly Reva/the Third Sister, with episode 3 showing her increasing anger, directed at a symbol she sees in Obi-Wan's hiding spot.

Episode 3 sees Kenobi and Leia traveling on the desolate planet of Mapuzo in search of help to evade the Empire.

In doing so, they encounter Tala, an undercover Imperial officer and contact of Haja, who provides Kenobi and Leia with shelter.

Tala tells the duo she regularly helps Jedi she encounters and can smuggle them off-world through her pilot contact

However, Reva and the Inquisitors, under personal orders from Darth Vader, trace Kenobi to the planet and travel there to search for him.

Upon doing so, Reva finds Tala's secret bunker, finding a symbol carved into the wall, which makes her visibly angry.

Also, Reva has shown she is committed to the Empire and her role as an Inquisitor. While she is disobedient and very hot-headed, it is clear she craves favor from Darth Vader.

Given her obvious admiration of Vader, and her knowledge that the Jedi once failed Anakin, the Jedi Order symbol may have angered her as it reminded her of how Anakin was cast out from the Jedi.