Despite the fact that Welcome to Plathville alum Max Kallschmidt will never again be showing up on the series,

fans are interested about what the previous TLC star was posting on his web-based entertainment before the debut.

The young fellow who made Moriah's Plathextremely upset has been standing up against his life after his split from the vocalist.

Presently, fans should keep awake to date with him on his Instagram, rather than seeing him on the family show.

At the point when Moriah initially started dating Max, the two appeared to be a perfect pair. Max was Moriah's most memorable beau,

and keeping in mind that they had their minutes, fans were excited to see Max give Moriah a commitment pinky ring toward the finish of the third season.

Generally, Max doesn't keep down with regards to posting enigmatic messages on his Instagram. The 21-year-old has appreciated imparting his day to day undertakings to supporters.

and he keeps on living in Georgia. While he hasn't exactly referenced Welcome to Plathville, Max has posted a couple of mysteries for fans en route.