Kathy Wakile of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was an instant hit when she starred on the show, but after choosing to leave after season 7

viewers are curious about what happened to the mother of two. Kathy often brought a breath of fresh air to the show even if her cousin,

When Kathy was on the RHONJ, she was known for her passion for cooking, especially cannolis. With her big blue eyes and calm demeanor

Nacho served a key purpose as a double agent between three major drug cartels led by Gus aka the Chicken Man, Juan Bolsa and the Salamanca.

While the cousin's relationship took a hit a while ago; however their feud was reignited when Joseph Wakile called the Gorga's "farm animals."

Since handing in her Jersey housewife title, Kathy has done very well for herself, according to her Instagram.

Even though Kathy and her family do not have a relationship with Joe or Teresa at this point, she still wants nothing but the best for their family.

RHONJ season 12 is about to end with Teresa still ruling as queen bee. Joe threatened to quit RHONJ during the reunion after his sister treated him so poorly.