Sydney Sweeney's Cassie Howard was an emotional mess, but she eventually worked through it. All she wanted was to find her place in the LA-esque high school hierarchy 

On top of his vices, he was a puppet master, manipulating his family while hiding a violent streak. Thus, it'd be easy to see Eric Dane channeling Cal as the MCU's Norman Osborn

Harry Osborn hated his dad, yet part of him kept trying to live up to Norman's ideals. It's why he eventually embraced his own darkness and became Green Goblin, too. 

RJ Boyle as a Winter Soldier-esque teen whom Bucky Barnes had to save. Bucky didn't want RJ becoming a programmed killer like he was, but the teen didn't want out of the assassin's life. 

Ash's older brother, Fezco, kept his drug-dealing operation secret, but while he was quiet, he was deadly. In this role, actor Angus Cloud definitely shows that he has chops for The Hood 

In Avengers: The Initiative, Abigail Boylen a teen capable of generating gas clouds, tries to become a superhero. However, she struggled with weight issues, ashamed over her body image.  

Many Marvel fans loved how Vision's tragic family story was mapped, giving rise to Viv Vision. The teen android eventually worked with the Champions 

Despite being with Nate on Euphoria, Maddy Perez was all about teasing and playing games. Alexa Demie nailed the role with her spunk and overall attitude