During Below Deck season 9, Heather Chase was the new My Seanna boss stew, and fans are considering what she has depend on since the show circulated.

Heather was one of the most youthful boss stews, yet ended up being skillful and mindful of the visitors.

She was very meticulous, and saw things like small spots in a mirror, or whether a restroom fixture should have been scoured.

Heather had areas of strength for a stew, Fraser Olender, however her third stew Jessica Albert needed inspiration and a decent hard working attitude.

Heather's most memorable Below Deck season was met with reaction from fans, as she utilized a racial slur while messed with deckhand, Rayna Lindsey.

She utilized a similar hostile word later, when she was rapping. Rayna didn't address it immediately, and let her sentiments rot for a couple of contracts, which harmed her work.

Nonetheless, the deckhand found it hard to look past it, so she and Heather never patched their companionship.

Skipper Lee Rosbach concurred that her utilization of the racial slur was off-base, yet he accepted her statement of regret was genuine, and trusted that she figured out how to improve