Could Morgan Jones return to The Walking Dead? Fear The Walking Dead season 7 just made that possibility way more likely.

Played by Lennie James, Morgan Jones is still standing as a veritable veteran of the zombie apocalypse. Making his debut in The Walking Dead's very first episode

Morgan had the honor of informing Rick Grimes an undead outbreak had begun. After making a guest appearance in The Walking Dead season 3, Morgan became a more regular presence around season 5,

Morgan forcibly separated from Rick's group and took a very long walk... all the way to Fear The Walking Dead.

There are worse places to raise a child, after all, and Virginia has the distinct benefit of not being a nuclear wasteland.

Fear The Walking Dead's timeline remains some years behind The Walking Dead, and since Morgan Jones doesn't show up in seasons 10 & 11 of the main series.

They're just in time to discover Lance Hornsby is now in charge, so Morgan lends Maggie, Daryl and the other survivors a hand taking their home back

As a franchise mainstay, featuring Morgan in The Walking Dead's finale would be a fitting tribute to a long-serving character.