Over the course of J.K Rowling's Wizarding saga, two infamous dark wizards rise to power, yet it isn't always clear which of Voldemort and Grindelwald is more dangerous.

While both are terribly sadistic and unceremoniously evil, each villain and their particular dangers have been constantly questioned.

The two dark wizards have unleashed terrible havoc on the Wizarding World, and they share a lot in common.

Both have a deep hatred of Muggles, an insatiable thirst for unbridled power, and both have murdered and tortured many in their quest for magical dominance.

The two also share a primary antagonist to their plans, as Albus Dumbledore is at the forefront of their reigns of torture.

Since Rowling frequently suggests Voldemort is the most notorious dark wizard in history, it would seem as though the debate between the two is fairly straightforward.

Voldemort was the more destructive wizard, Grindelwald was far more dangerous, given his pursuits weren't inherently selfish and his efforts to effect change were far more cunning and far-reaching.

To understand why Grindelwald (and not Voldemort) was far more dangerous, it's crucial to fully detail both of their rises to power and compare and contrast the two to the fullest extent.