Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 introduces Vecna, a terrifying new villain who is killing Hawkins teenagers.

Every season of Stranger Things features another monster, but the show has switched things up for season 4; rather than a mindless creature like the Demogorgon

or a monstrous intelligence like the Mind-Flayer, it features a powerful human being who has been living in the Upside Down.

Named "Vecna" by the Hawkins kids, this being makes its presence felt in the real world through horrific visions that they liken to a curse.

The truth about Vecna is finally revealed in Stranger Things season 4, episode 7. A series of flashbacks reveal the monstrous being is in fact Number One, Dr. Brenner's first subject at Hawkins Lab.

Their battle was the real inciting incident of Stranger Things, with Eleven triumphing - but tearing open a window through the dimensions, blasting Number One into the Upside Down.

Vecna has become one with the Upside Down's hive mind. Although the Hawkins kids believe he now serves as the Mind-Flayer's "five-star general,"

Whatever the case may be, Vecna's curse appears formidable - and the key to Stranger Things season 4's plot.