'Vampire Diaries' star Kat Graham opened up about whether she would return to her role after playing Bonnie Bennett for eight years.

Graham is an American actress, singer and dancer who distributes music under the stage name Toro Gato.

She started her career by appearing in commercials and music videos. In 1998, she made her film debut in The Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan.

She will go on to appear on a number of other shows including Malcom in the Middle, Greece and Hannah Montana.

The series follows Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), an orphaned teenager who recently got involved in a love triangle with two vampire sisters.

Graham played Bonnie, Elena's best friend, who later became the main actress of the series after Dobrev left after Season 6.

Meanwhile, the chances of restarting the Vampire Diary at all were pretty slim. The show met its natural end in 2017 and there are no concrete plans for its revival.

However, if even Vampire Diaries itself, like Graham, is happy the show is doing well and doesn't want to go back, then such a reboot is unlikely to be necessary.