Undisputed 5 can take care of Yuri Boyka's bombed procedure of triumph in Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing. As Scott Adkins' Undisputed establishment saving person,

Yuri Boyka was first presented in Undisputed 2, a MMA warrior in a Russian jail who trusts himself to be The Most Complete Fighter in the World.

While Boyka is evidently a very talented contender, there have been times where his pride has defeated him.

Such was the situation in his fight with previous world heavyweight boxing champion George "Iceman" Chambers (Michael Jai White) in Undisputed 2.

In their most memorable battle in the ring, Boyka certainly proclaims to Chambers "I'll beat you unexpectedly.

Clench hands as it were". Notwithstanding Boyka's brag, Chambers ends up being too talented in unadulterated boxing for Boyka to survive, driving him to change back to his full MMA range of abilities.

An Undisputed continuation has been proposed in both TV series structure and in Liam O'Donnell's Undisputed 5 treatment, both doubtlessly representing the total of Boyka's story.

The ideal method for showing the last option would be not just in letting Scott Adkins go full Boyka in battle scenes like normal, however really having Boyka arise victorious in a fight.