An emergency alert was issued at 10 a.m. and police investigated the threat, which involved a person who may want to hurt others. Police searched for that person.

At 10:44 a.m., police said campus services -including dining, the libraries and parking garages were closed, and in-person classes were canceled for the rest of the day.

KRON reported that there was a heavy police presence this afternoon, with officers stationed at several campus entrances. UC-Berkeley police said in a statement that they are looking for an unidentified individual.

Anyone on campus was asked to go inside and move away from windows and doors.

Those off campus were asked to stay away from campus. Campus staff locked doors to buildings.

But KRON also reported that many students were still seen walking through the campus this afternoon, before the alert was lifted.

Berkeleyside reported that the Berkeley Unified School District announced a “soft lockdown” for seven of its schools, including Berkeley High School, because of their proximity to the UCB campus.

UC-Berkeley campus temporarily closed amid unspecified threat