The Michigan-based band — formed in 2000 — was named after the infamous 1947 unsolved murder of actress Elizabeth Smart, often referred to as Black Dahlia.

Strnad was the band’s founding member, releasing the group’s first breakthrough tracks in 2001.

The band’s most recent release, their ninth album titled “Verminous,” was proved to be a hit after dropping in 2020.

The death metal band planned to go on tour later this year, with a gig lined up for May 20 show as part of Daytona Beach’s Welcome to Rockville Festival.

The band planned on heading to Dynamo Metalfest festival in the Netherlands in August.

Strnad leaves behind his girlfriend, Violet Knox, whom he appeared in a photo with just three days before his death.

“His lyrics provided the world with stories and spells and horror and whimsy. It was his life to be your show,” the “Deathmask Divine” hitmakers added.

Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder performs at the Sonic Temple Art and Music Festival at Mapfre Stadium on Saturday, May 18, 2019, in Columbus, Ohio.