Top Gun: Maverick is a monumental success at the box office, but the sequel still leaves some big unanswered questions.

The Tony Scott-directed 1986 original Top Gun went on to become a global phenomenon that's still celebrated today

The sequel has picked up the threads of the original in many ways, reuniting audiences with the saga they fell in love with 36 years ago,

reminding them of what made the original such a beloved classic, while implementing new characters and situations to take the proceedings in a new direction.

New stars, new characters, new settings, new enemies, and new situations make Top Gun: Maverick a fresh take on the franchise that still delivers on the promise of what made it special to begin with.

From the real jets, catchy soundtrack, interesting characters, and suspense-driven spectacle, Top Gun: Maverick soars to the heights of its predecessor.

All that said, Top Gun: Maverick still leaves a list of unanswered questions in its wake, including the fate of certain characters from the original.

All of these unanswered questions deserve an explanation. Here's a breakdown of the biggest unanswered questions left by Top Gun: Maverick.