Despite the fact that Jon Hamm's Cyclone says he resents Maverick for his hazardous trial stunt in Top Gun: Maverick,

one fan hypothesis guarantees that the Vice Admiral was furtively trusting he could get the carefree screw-up to try the mission out.

Halfway through the activity of Top Gun: Maverick, it appears as though all expectation is lost for Tom Cruise's establishment legend.

Dissident's closest companion Iceman is dead, he has been removed from his work showing first class TOPGUN initiates how to pull off a mysterious mission and Cyclone has assumed control over his post.

Nonetheless, when Jon Hamm's Top Gun: Maverick reprobate starts his most memorable illustration, he and his understudies are stunned to see an unforeseen airplane on the test course.

Nonconformist flies the trial in direct rebellion of Cyclone's requests, and winds up finishing it significantly quicker than the mission required.

This leaves Cyclone in trouble, compelled to pick either releasing Maverick for defiance or allowing him to lead the mission.

From the get-go in Top Gun: Maverick, Cyclone claims he is close with Iceman and tells Maverick that he knows about his standing.