HBO's The Time Traveler's Wife season 1 episode 1 hints at a significant change from the movie and the book upon which it's based.

Now, HBO's adaptation featuring Rose Leslie and Theo James is bringing new attention to The Time Traveler's Wife.

Like Outlander, The Time Traveler's Wife is a romance that centers on time travel, but The Time Traveler's Wife's time travel mechanism is unique.

Henry has a medical condition that forces him out of the present and into seemingly random periods, largely within his own lifespan, creating personal problems and physical danger.

HBO's The Time Traveler's Wife seems to imply that Henry may have some control over when and where he is able to travel, which is not the case in the book and movie.

However, in The Time Traveler's Wife season 1, episode 1, the young Henry returns to a museum immediately after wishing to go there.

Henry's daughter Alba (who has not yet appeared in The Time Traveler's Wife series) possesses this ability in full force.

It's a departure from the movie's hard rule that Henry can't control his time traveling. In doing so, it adds a fascinating new dimension to the story.