The upcoming sequel is still slated for release this July, but marketing has yet to begin. As a result, the wait for its first footage has been making headlines and MCU history in the past weeks 

Even though the promotional push has yet to ramp up, Chris Hemsworth's previous confirmation that the film's press tour had begun gave everyone hope that the trailer could arrive anytime soon. 

Now, as Love and Thunder's release inches closer, an important update about the much-talked-about trailer has emerged. 

Gaurav Chopra, who serves as the Hindi dub actor of Chris Hemsworth, shared a new Instagram story to give fans an update about the highly-anticipated trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder. 

In the post, Chopra confirmed that he is "done" working on the trailer, sharing an image of a dubbing studio where he recorded Thor's trailer lines in Hindi

This latest update about Thor: Love and Thunder should serve as a good sign for those fans waiting for the film's first trailer 

On August 14, scooper Amit Chaudhari revealed that the first trailer for the Tom Holland-led threequel was being dubbed in India.  

Whether the record will continue remains to be seen, but signs strongly indicate that its trailer will eventually premiere sooner rather than later.