While it’s no trailer, recently new leaked images emerged from the upcoming line of Marvel Legends figures for Chris Hemsworth’s upcoming next MCU venture. 

Thanks to these new photos, audiences got a new look at Gorr the God Butcher, Ravager Thor, Star-Lord, Jane Foster, and more.

Now, some additional photos have slipped through the secretive cracks that showcase the description on the back of Valkyrie’s box. 

Thanks to Twitter users @THORSFOSTER and @lovethundernews, a new look at leaked images of the upcoming line of Marvel Legends figures for Thor: Love and Thunder were revealed to the world.

This time around, fans got a treat: a new tease that offers fans more information about the film's inciting incident and main storyline.

On the back of Valkyrie’s Marvel Legends box, there is a description that warns of a “dangerous new visitor,” one who “threatens the livelihood of New Asgard” and calls Valkyrie to action 

The "visitor" that the description teases is undoubtedly Christian Bale’s Gorr. After all, he is the main antagonist of the film—so attacking New Asgard directly fits with the role.

Thor and Jane Foster can be seen fighting Gorr the God Butcher. Oddly enough, there is no Valkyre pictured, however.