The Pearsons' story is finally finished, but there might be a chance for them to return if This Is Us season 7 happens.

The NBC family drama wraps up its six-year run with an emotionally-satisfying finale that bookends Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) love story.

That being said, considering how popular the show continues to be, discussions about a potential This Is Us season 7 have unsurprisingly started going around.

The family drama was an immediate hit for NBC when it debuted in 2016. This Is Us is known for its grounded storytelling and followed the life of Jack and Rebecca, alongside their three kids

This Is Us seasons 1-3 primarily focused on Jack's history, as his life and tragic death impacted the lives of his wife and kids.

During the latter half of the series' run, the spotlight shifted onto Rebecca as she dealt with Alzheimer's during her twilight years.

In the end, both Jack and Rebecca are already dead in This Is Us, but their three kids continue to live their lives with their respective families.

Since the show heavily features flashbacks and dream sequences, Jack and Rebecca can still be a part of the narrative, albeit in a smaller capacity.