"Family Meeting" opens with a montage of Rebecca being an attentive mother for her children as they grow up, and there are other moments sprinkled through the episode of Rebecca being a great mom.

These flashbacks also highlight Rebecca's relationship to each of her children and how each dynamic is unique.

Kate comes to her aid because Miguel has sadly passed, as explored in last week's episode. Rebecca doesn't remember that he died, which is just gut-wrenching to watch.

The next morning, Sophie, Phillip and Beth hit the town for a breakfast run while Madison, Eli, Nicky, Edie and the kids head out for a big day of family time.

Randall finds Beth and explains that he thinks he should be in charge of Rebecca because he thinks Kate is unable to do so and believes he's the best of his siblings for this job.

The simple care and contact brightens Rebecca and strengthens her children as they finally learn to see past her disease and as their mother again.

The next morning, the whole family is together over breakfast and Kate announces her decision. She tells everyone that Rebecca is going to move to LA.

After a montage through the years, the episode ends with Kevin calling Randall to let him know that Rebecca doesn't have long left.