The Pearson-family matriarch is still alive by the end of the hour, as Kevin warns Randall as he summons him to their mother’s side, “They’re saying it won’t be long now.”

After a brief flashback montage of moments from The Big Three’s childhood in which Rebecca had to wake up and attend to her children while Jack snored on, we cut to present-day,

elderly Rebecca as she wakes up and calls for Miguel. Her confusion at his absence is heartbreaking, as is her agitation when she doesn’t recognize the nurse that comes to help her.

Kate eventually is able to calm her mother, but Rebecca’s sadness over Miguel’s not being there doesn’t go away.

It’s been about a week since Miguel died, and Randall and Kate, as well as their significant others, are still in town.

Randall finally says what they’re all, on some level, thinking: They need come up with a plan for Rebecca’s care in the aftermath of Miguel’s death.

In the middle of everything, Sophie, Beth and Philip — who’d gone into town to get food — return and realize “They’re finally having the ‘what’s next with our mother’ chat,” Beth says knowingly.

Finally, one night after tucking Rebecca into bed, Kevin calls Randall and asks him to bring Beth and the girls to the house as soon as possible: “They’re saying it won’t be long now.”