Creator Dan Fogelman explains that confusing This Is Us final scene. After six years, the Pearsons have wrapped up their story in the NBC family drama.

Rebecca bookends the show as she is reunited with Jack in the afterlife while the Big Three continue their individual and collective lives.

This Is Us was a major hit for NBC, maintaining its good ratings until the end of its run. So, it was surprising when it was announced that the show would end after only six seasons. 

Even without that, the generational story could have continued with the Big Three, their children, and their grandchildren.

Season 6 was all about Rebecca and her impact on her family as the show tackled her Alzheimer's and eventual death.

Otherwise, it could have been a group shot of the whole Pearson family. Perhaps even a simple one with Jack and Rebecca as they look at their young kids.

For what it's worth, Fogelman's choice of the final shot of the show may have also been interpreted as a way to set up a potential spin-off for Randall.

As exciting as this would be for fans of the family drama, it's worth noting that there are currently no plans for any kind of offshoot for This Is Us thus far.