At the point when the mentors for the impending The Voice season were uncovered last week, one recognizable face,

Kelly Clarkson, was absent from the arrangement, and now is the ideal time to share the justification for why she didn't return.

Afterward, fans discovered that Camila Cabello would go along with them as another mentor, and supplanting Kelly. Kelly is leaving The Voice after eight seasons on the show.

In the wake of joining the series during season 14 out of 2018, it was declared that Kelly wouldn't be returning for season 22 of the hit NBC series.

This left fans a piece confounded, as they were anticipating that she should get back to The Voice when the new season airs this fall.

In spite of the fact that they were stunned by this information, fans realize that there probably been a valid justification why Kelly left the show after such a long residency.

As per Newsweek, albeit a particular justification for Kelly leaving the show has not been shared, there is hypothesis that it very well may be because of her bustling timetable.

Since that is all going on, fans are persuaded that her experience on the NBC series is finished, at any rate, corresponding to the forthcoming season.