People around the country have been talking about Netflix's The Ultimatum and the drama that unfolded when six couples on the brink of engagement participate in a six-week experience  

One specific rule is set into place from the start -- these individuals can only date each other during the experiment. 

By the end of the season, audiences watched as the couples tested their boundaries and limits on-camera before making their final decisions. 

Then, six months later, all couples meet up again to talk about what transpired in their personal lives since the season finale. 

Each couple had their individual journey throughout the experience, showcasing some of their most toxic traits when their loyalty in their relationship was consistently tested.  

Two of the couples did not continue with the experiment past the first week/phase of the show. By Episode 3, during the most cringey moment on the show 

, two of the couples left the show engaged. Alexis had given Hunter the ultimatum, but he realized over the course of the first week that he wanted her and only her 

so he got down on one knee at the very beginning of Episode 3 and proposed. They later married during the season and are still happily married by the reunion.