Netflix has teased the release date for their adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, revealing it will be announced during their Geeked Week event.

The upcoming series based on Gaiman and DC Comics' acclaimed graphic novel was announced to be in development by the streaming service in June 2019.

Inspired by Gaiman's 1989 series, The Sandman follows the stories of the Endless, a family who embody powerful aspects and concepts of the universe, such as Death, Desire, and Destiny.

Due to an occultic ritual, Dream of the Endless (Sturridge) is imprisoned for 105 years, emerging in modern times before setting out to restore his kingdom,

the realm of The Dreaming. As well as his all-powerful siblings, Dream will encounter a wide array of human, occult detectives, and demons across his journey.

The Sandman was briefly teased in a Geeked Week promotional trailer giving the first look at Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer.

The Sandman has had a long journey from page to screen, with its earliest inception being dated long before Netflix first joined the project in 2019.

As an incredibly acclaimed graphic novel, Gaiman's series was initially considered for a theatrical adaptation in 1991.