Ozark's series finale was filled with the high-stakes drama fans of the Netflix series have come to know and love, and in true Ozark fashion, nobody in the Byrde family's circle was safe.

But while Season 4 was a concise ending to a tumultuous and dark series, the final seven episodes were not perfect.

Season 4, Part 1's ending saw the deaths of Darlene Snell and the terrible Wyatt Langmore at the hands of Omar Navarro's volatile nephew Javi.

Early teasers and trailers for the second half of Season 4 showed Wyatt's cousin Ruth a longtime Ozark fan-favorite exacting her revenge on his killer

which caused a multitude of problems for Marty and Wendy Byrde and their arrangement with Navarro and his cartel.

One of the highlights of Ozark was its main villain, Omar Navarro. The ruthless, cuthroat leader of a notorious Mexican drug cartel

Navarro was Marty's boss since the beginning, mostly as an omnipotent force in Seasons 1 and 2 before taking on a more hands-on approach in the last two seasons.

Part of what made Omar so fascinating was despite his pacifist mask, underneath was a ruthless murderer who was not afraid to show he was in control.