With the long-awaited launch of its third season, The Orville wasted no time exploring dramatically prickly territory.

Coming out of last season, in which the Kaylons declared war and were only (and barely) fended off by a last-minute alliance between the Planetary Union and the Krill,

a certain tension on the bridge became apparent, primarily as Ensign Charly Burke directed much animus at science officer Isaac.

Isaac was also targeted by the scrawling of the word “MURDERER” on a wall in engineering, which was deduced to be the handiwork of… Dr. Claire Finn’s eldest son, Marcus.

Thing is, the only person aboard the ship capable of thinking four-dimensionally (or whatever) and rebooting Isaac with his consciousness intact was his chief detractor, Ensign Burke

Afterward, Claire cued Isaac to acknowledge what he had done, but he kept reciting statistics about how his absence would not affect the crew’s efficiency.

“Dammit, Isaac, you tried to kill yourself!” declared Claire. “And I need to know you’re not going to do it again!”

To drive home her point, she reminded Isaac of her own expertise in assessing the human condition, saying “the psychological damage to this crew would be much greater, if you succeeded.”